The Solutions 2 GO Inc. Advantage for new Suppliers and Manufactures

Solutions 2 GO Inc. is the partner of choice for suppliers and manufacturers needing a Canadian distribution solution for their physical and digital products in store and online. We offer three flexible distribution models to access the Canadian market (Traditional, Master and 3PL), all of which are based on the fundamental principle of providing superior service within the unique requirements of distribution in Canada; geography, retailer expectation, Canadian regulations and legislation, population density, weather, import procedures and currency hedging. Our service is centered on overcoming these challenges to ease access into the market, facilitate and encourage retailer participation and maximize sales potential through providing next day service, special builds, custom reporting, market analysis, VMI programs, POG support, a dedicated sales force and a 100% commitment to simply getting the job done.

Traditional Distribution

Traditional Distribution allows you to access the Canadian market with the least amount of direct involvement. Solutions 2 GO Inc. will provide the required infrastructure and represent your product line through our dedicated sales staff to independent and national retailers across the country. Solutions 2 GO Inc. will manage the retailer relations and inventory and be an intermediary for promotional activity, reporting, replenishment and marketing efforts. This distribution method is available for both physical and digital products in store and online.

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3PL (Third Party Logistics)

Third Party Logistics targets suppliers and manufacturers who wish to manage all aspects of their Canadian business excluding the physical product distribution. This distribution method is available in store and online for physical product only.

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Solutions 2 GO Inc. is a family owned company firmly established in the Canadian market with offices across the country (Ontario, B.C. and Quebec) representing increasingly diverse product lines to all major national retailers. Flexibility; time sensitive delivery; next day service options; FOB options; import duties; taxes; exchange hedging; vendor numbers with all major national retailers; dedicated account managers; a proven track record; DTS (direct to store) specialization; ecommerce support; digital solutions; marketing and promotional facilitation; custom reporting; vendor managed inventory programs (VMI); and zero reasons not to choose Solutions 2 GO